Books – What I purchase when travelling

Books from Istanbul

I love books, so much so every move has seen me take my books with me..I have moved home 22 times in my life and I am now living in my 4th country. I have over a 1000 books and yet every time I travel I buy books. Firstly books make some of the best souvenirs..educational and useful. Take the selection above. I went to Hagia Sophia when I was in Istanbul recently for work, so I bought a book on it. This is something I do with every historic or significant place I go to, because there are always photos I can’t take and the place is explained.

The next thing I always buy is a cookbook from the country or region I have visited. Again this is a great way of remembering the food that I enjoyed, sometimes even the restaurant I went to, and it gives me scope to recreate at home.

The third book..aah that was a heart purchase… I Love reading Rumi, and one can never have too many books 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Books – What I purchase when travelling

  1. Great Idea! A book about some historic place you visited and a local cookbook. I have to get a bigger apartment with a spare room. At my parents we had a Library, and yet I kept my favorites at my bed to read them over and over again. I want to see your collection!!!


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