Going Natural – aka changing my hair colour

For awhile now I have tossed around continuing to colour my hair in an array of colours or to “go grey”. This is always an interesting dilemma for those of us that have used colour to express our personality. So looking at my hair as my colour has started to grow out, I see that around my face, its not grey its white. My grandfather went white when he was in his late 20’s and I am my grandfathers granddaughter. This week I was back in Belgrade, so I reached out to my old hairdresser and asked if he would … Continue reading Going Natural – aka changing my hair colour

Quick trip to the Coast – exploring Slovenia

I have recently moved to Slovenia, one of the reasons is that it has a coastline albeit small (46.6 Km’s). After settling into my new city Ljubljana, I finally had a spare weekend to start exploring. First trip had to be to the coast. I don’t have a car, because I use Avant2go electric cars to get around Ljubljana( I will write about this under Musings later). So on Friday I rang them to reserve a Renault Zoe for my excursion on Saturday. Weather forecast hot. Pick up of the car is where I normally get the cars on a … Continue reading Quick trip to the Coast – exploring Slovenia

Books – What I purchase when travelling

I love books, so much so every move has seen me take my books with me..I have moved home 22 times in my life and I am now living in my 4th country. I have over a 1000 books and yet every time I travel I buy books. Firstly books make some of the best souvenirs..educational and useful. Take the selection above. I went to Hagia Sophia when I was in Istanbul recently for work, so I bought a book on it. This is something I do with every historic or significant place I go to, because there are always … Continue reading Books – What I purchase when travelling