Quick trip to the Coast – exploring Slovenia

I have recently moved to Slovenia, one of the reasons is that it has a coastline albeit small (46.6 Km’s). After settling into my new city Ljubljana, I finally had a spare weekend to start exploring. First trip had to be to the coast. I don’t have a car, because I use Avant2go electric cars to get around Ljubljana( I will write about this under Musings later).

So on Friday I rang them to reserve a Renault Zoe for my excursion on Saturday. Weather forecast hot. Pick up of the car is where I normally get the cars on a daily basis and with trusty google maps I head off. The countryside is very green and hilly with some amazing vistas, but no where to stop and take a photo..you really need to have a passenger who is looking and photographing along the way. As you get closer to the coast you do see a change in the landscape, the pine trees give way to smaller trees and groves of olive trees and some vineyards, and then there is the palm trees in the city near the water.

Koper is a sea port, hilly with the old town next to the port. Parked the car and wandered around, lots of market stalls selling all sorts of things including glassware, antiques, junk, souvenirs, books, linen, coins and jewelry. If you like trawling through secondhand markets it made for a great browse.

I didn’t find the beach but enjoyed the sea breeze, the crystal blue water and walking around the town. People watching and relaxing as one does in such a location. And the seafood was amazing, I will write separately about the food.

Below some photos from my day in Koper July ’19

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