New Years tradition – Vision Board/Vision Book

I have for a number of years now on New Years day created a vision board. Its a fun way to ground/ channel the energy you want for the new year. It involves painting a small canvas and then sticking on pictures (cut from magazines) that represent what I want to happen in the coming year. It can be anything that’s important to you. If I am travelling I usually do it as soon as possible on my return. However this can take the whole month as my birthday is at the end of January and I also consider that the start of my personal year! I haven’t done a vision board yet this year, as I was in France enjoying their New Years Day traditions, which include wearing new clothes on the day ( I wore a favourite dress & underwear), giving a small gift to friends and family and generally doing things to set the tone for the coming year. If my New Years Day is the tone for 2020 it will include, travel, good food and wine, friends, books, time for reflection, feeling good about myself and favourite things.

Interesting in 2019 I created my first vision book, its about the house that I want and the key features in it. So there is a page for each room and pictures of the sorts of things I would like, the following areas are covered – lounge, library(yes I want a Library), bathroom , kitchen, dining, bedroom and outdoor space. The idea being that I now have a something to focus on and hold my vision of key elements of my place.

In the past I have also kept a gratitude jar , which I used to review on New Years Eve. In case you dont know what a gratitude jar is, here is how to create and use it. Choose a jar you like, decorate it if you wish. Set aside some paper (those colored blocks you can find are perfect) have a nice pen and you are all set to go. The idea is that you try and record something you are grateful fpr every day, it helps to focus the mind on the positive things around us and if you look you will be surprised at what you find.

It doesnt have to be big things, it could just be a beautiful winters day with the sunshining that makes you feel grateful or a fantastic meal or a friend calling you our of the blue. What you do is take a piece of paper, put the date at the top or on the back of the sheet, then describe what you are grateful for, fold it in half or quarters and put in your jar. On NY Eve empty the jar, sort into date order and then relive your amazing year full of big and small events that made you feel grateful.

This year I am doing something slightly different, I found book called “One Line A Day – A Five Year Memory Book”. So each day I am writing a line per day, with the intention to do it over the next five years, should be interesting to see how my days change with each year.

So what do you do to ring in the New Year??

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