Trips over the holiday season. Italy and France. Part 1 Genoa Italy.

This Christmas season , I have had the opportunity to visit Genoa Italy and Lyon France. Both trips were to visit with friends, and it was such fun, even though they were both short breaks of just a few days each.

During my visit to Genoa I got to spend time walking around the city and enjoying the beautiful architecture, great Italian food and to experience their Christmas markets. I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Genoa as I was focused on visiting my friend and catching up, I forgot to do research, I knew it was by the sea but not much else. Its very hilly, spread out, warm, obviously Mediterranean, seafood was magnificent and it has a great vibe, lots to see and do.

On our explore afternoon I got to go to the Christmas markets full of many stalls with a variety of goods to purchase like toys, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves as well as food stuffs like dried meats, cheeses, wine etc. It was across one square and adjoining area leading to another smaller square. There was a decorated Christmas tree and live music. We wandered around and I took lots of photos. Of course I had to buy something so I got a new hat (having lost my favourite hat recently) and some new gloves, you can never have too many gloves.

Another highlight of the trip was getting to meet my friends son for the first time and he is a cute baby, very easy going. And I got to experience a proper Italian family meal. Oh what fun, its about the people, the food and sharing. Homemade down to earth good cooking, Aperol spritzes, Italian red wine lots of laughs and the joy of sharing. I don’t speak much Italian and some didn’t speak English but we could still understood each other and enjoy the day. Below some photos

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