Travels from the past – Birthday trips part 2 – Paris

A dream of mine when in Australia was to go to Paris for the weekend, now that’s impossible distance wise, you spend most of it travelling there and back. But when I moved to Abu Dhabi it was possible. So in January 2013 for my birthday, I went to Paris for a long weekend. I stayed at a great BnB that due to its location meant I could do plenty of walking to various key attractions. I enjoyed seeing the sights, Louvre, Egyptian Obelisk, Champs Elysees etc. Having lunch at café on the Champs Elysee, a Croque monsieur and a glass of wine while people watching was a delightful experience. For my birthday dinner I booked my first 1star Michelin restaurant. The restaurant was fabulous and the conversation about the red wine and the differences in how its served in France and Australia was educational. I still remember the Sommelier telling me that a particular red was a big one, for me it wasn’t, but that was because it was cold, the flavor improved once I warmed it with my hands. Paris was the first place I bought a designer handbag, my gift to me was a Salvatore Ferragamo black bag, which I still have. But like all long held dreams sometimes they fall short, I have to admit that I do not like Paris, it didn’t grab me the way Lyon did, which was my first French city. I have even been back to Paris and stayed in a different area and did different things etc, and my opinion hasn’t changed, I prefer Lyon to Paris. Now both times in Paris I have been alone, and I am not sure if being with someone would change my opinion, I think it wouldn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Travels from the past – Birthday trips part 2 – Paris

  1. Though i would be delighted to guide you through Paris secret places (especially exclusive chocolate shops) i would not try to make you change your mind about Lyon as Best French City 😁


    1. When we can travel again Myriam I would love to see Paris from your view point, but as you know Lyon has my heart.


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