Why I live where I live….

In Australia there was a radio show on Sundays that had a segment called “Why I live where I Live” it was fun to hear the different stories of why people lived where they did. There was even a book published in 2005 with 250 of those stories. As I was thinking of what next to write, past travel tales and photos, I wasnt feeling overly inspired, even though there are plenty of great trips still to share, and then I saw the weather forecast, SNOW and that got me thinking.. So here is todays blog written while watching it snow 🙂

Some context, I grew up in Australia where it pretty much only snows in the mountains, it does occasionally snow at the edges of Melbourne, Canberra or Sydney but its rare.

So how did I fall so deeply in love with snow in the city? Hmm I think it can be traced back to the wonderful Christmas stories and movies that have it snowing, the romance of it was irresistible to me. So I set out to experience it, of course I wanted a white Christmas. That meant one Christmas me and my then husband went to a wonderful BnB in Kennebunkport Maine USA, it didn’t snow on the day but there was snow around, a white Christmas in a way. But not the dream. Another trip was to Whistler Canada, yes it snowed there and I absolutely loved it. I prefer travelling in winter so have spent hours delayed in Airports watching it snow. Still hasn’t dimmed the love of snow. For my birthday in Jan 2015 I went to Portland Maine and NYC, had to leave Portland a day early to be back in New York before the big snow storm closed the airport and everything down in the city.

NYC and Portland Maine.

Then there is the time I lead a team to Minneapolis in January for work. They complained a bit about the weather…hmm it was snowing, the falls were frozen etc I loved it. One of my most favourite memories especially creating my first snow angel

Minneapolis Jan 2011

When I moved to Abu Dhabi no snow but sand which behaves in many ways like snow except its the exact opposite. However living in Abu Dhabi allowed for easy travel to Europe and on one trip to Geneva I encountered my first snow in and around a city. My move to Belgrade in October 2016, not only did I discover that they did great Christmas lights but it was my first experience of living and working in a city that it snowed in. I had never driven in snow before, so taking it easy meant that I managed it successfully. One of the reasons I moved to Ljubljana was because it snows here as well. In fact my first day in the company that I worked for in Belgrade involved a trip to Ljubljana where it was snowing.

Above Belgrade in snow.

Reflection: For me its MAGIC, the way a little frozen water can cover everything in a coat /blanket of white and transform it. Snow softens everything and dresses it up at the same time. Snow deadens sound and at night the light is so much softer. I lot of people ask me…. but what about how awful it looks when the cars drive on it, and its plowed, and you cant get out your driveway, and and and…. All that does is make me wonder what made them stop seeing beauty and focus on the ugly? Why did they give up on the childlike wonder of watching snow go from tiny tiny flakes to big soft wet kisses and back again, why not choose to focus on joy and wonder and beauty. Every time it snows my inner child is so very happy and revels in the joy something as simple as snow brings.

So in answer to the question ..Why do I live where I live…its for the Snow

Below Ljubljana snow today.

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