Travels from the past – Jordan – Dead Sea

Walking around Petra, meeting the author of the book Married to a Bedouin and getting and autographed copy was exhilarating. The next day we headed to our final destination for this trip, which is the Dead Sea and some pampering. This time the road takes us through arid areas, canyons, interesting vistas, from a distance we can see an oasis and a village as the road climbs and then as we descend we get our first glimpse of the Dead Sea. Its a stunning colour.

Our resort is beautiful and we are looking forward to some pampering and relaxing. We have a spa afternoon. Next day we go to the beach. My friend gets coated in the black mud, I pass. Have you swum in any sea before? You probably know that the salt gives you some buoyancy, and the higher the salt content the more buoyancy. I had experienced this a little when swimming in the sea off the United Arab Emirates, but…I wasn’t prepared for the Dead Sea.

Now it could be said by some, that I am a control freak.. I deny this, although the Project manager part of me likes to know what’s going on and to have a plan and a back up plan. I also have a fear of falling which is different from a fear of heights. Why am I telling you this. Well…..

To go into the Dead Sea you need to be able to float (I am not that good at that) and you need to relax and not stress out about the fact that your feet want to keep going over your head…lets just say my friend was thoroughly entertained watching me trying to float, she offered lots of helpful! suggestions, anyways I did not find the process relaxing at all so after successfully floating for a couple of minutes I got out and went back to our chairs in the shade. It was an experience and I am glad I did it and that we went there.

The resort we stayed at had in its grounds an olive tree that was over 700years old.

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