What I did during the first 2 months of Stay-at-home due to COVID-19.

Here in Slovenia we basically had a stay-at-home order from 14th March to 4th May when Slovenia started to slowly reopen and on 15th May the government declared that the pandemic was over, becoming the first European country to do so. I continued to work from home during that period, and I still do so. Although we are opening up, full on return to the office is still not happening my company has said not until July.

I love to travel, and my job had me travelling every 2 to 3 weeks. Usually if I am home for more than 4 weeks I get antsy. But not this time. I know lots of people who have struggled with the need to stay at home and not socialise, that they thought they could use the time creatively but haven’t. We all have reacted differently. For me it was an opportunity to complete a number of things on my to-do list, like a book audit, take down curtains I didn’t like and get them washed and put away, get new cushions for my lounge room etc. But most importantly it allowed me to create something which I hadn’t had any time to do, a vegetable garden.

Now I am not the worlds greatest gardener, and its been 8 years since I lived anywhere I could have a vegetable garden so its been fun learning again what to do. Also finding the names for things in Slovenian just adds to the adventure.

Firstly I decided I wanted a lemon tree, see in Australia, when you have a home you tend to get a lemon tree, so it is a symbol in some ways of feeling/being home. As it snows here in winter the lemon tree has to be in a pot, and so it is. Yes I am now the proud owner of a Lemon tree.

Next the vegetables, its only a small area on my balcony, so 2 different cherry tomatoes, a pepper, blackberry and herbs – basil, chives, oregano. I also planted a growing carrot and onions from my fridge but think that wont amount to much. In the other bed I planted different varieties of mint and other herbs as well as a raspberry and finally on the balcony of my bedroom there are strawberries and a tayberry.

Here are some photos from 12April

The following photos are 6 weeks on

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