Trips over the holiday season. Italy and France. Part 2 Lyon France.

My friend out of the blue asked me if I was doing anything for New Years Eve and if no would I like to visit. I wasnt, so checked with the cat sitter if she could look after my cat, tick yep. Then flights were they available for the dates and times I wanted and the price? Sure enough the flights were available and within my budget. Tick and Tick, So of course I went to visit. Did I mention that she lives in Lyon France?

I have been to Lyon once before, it has the distinction of being my first French city, and I fell in love with it. This trip confirmed for me that it is still a city that I love. My friend had everything planned. She met me at the airport and showed me how to navigate the light rail and train system.

We had some amazing meals and that will be a separate photo essay. I just love walking around the heart of Lyon and with a guide, I learnt so much, the walkways that are within buildings if you know where they are and can gain access, the architecture and the history. OOh and lets not forget the doors 🙂

Some photos below Lyon we had beautiful weather.

And because I love taking photos of doors and imagining the history that they have seen and the people who have walked through them

And last but not least this interesting photo, I was standing still and took the shot 3 or 4 times with the effect. It was New Years Eve

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