Martinovanje 2019

Martinovanje 2019 aka St Martins day is on 11th November and it is when the wine is blessed and according to legend turns from water into wine. There are celebrations all over Slovenia. I chose to go to the Wine festival in Ljubljana this past Saturday.

After sharing with my co-workers about my trip to Bled, I was told about the festival in Ljubjana this upcoming Saturday and it got me thinking that I need to get out more and do the things I love, instead of practicing to be a hermit. So I ventured out.

In the area around the Three Bridges in the Old town area of Ljubljana stalls were setup to enable people to taste wine from all over Slovenia as well as cured meats, cheeses, olives etc. To participate you need to buy a minimum of €5 worth of tickets and provide a refundable deposit for a tasting wineglass.

The gods were with us on Saturday for although it rained in the morning, by the time the event kicked off at 11 am the rain had stopped. I had a fun time tasting various wines, walking around and just enjoying being out and about. I tasted an amazing Sauvignon Blanc, chocolate infused wine(both red and white) as well as some very nice sparkling wines. And I did purchase those I liked.

After walking and sampling for awhile, I decided it was time for food, so I went to my favourite restaurant in Ljubljana and enjoyed a delicous lunch with a Martinovanje special menu. The food was full of so many wonderful flavours.

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