Exploring Slovenia – Road trip to Lake Bled via Skofja Loka

As you know I love autumn, I have had the past week off to enjoy the weather and relax a little. This vacation is a staycation, so I planned a little road trip to explore more of Slovenia. Destination this time is Lake Bled. I booked the hotel a few weeks ago hoping for autumn sunshine and warm day, that wasnt to be for when I woke on Tuesday morning there was low cloud and rain.

Not to worry, I dont let weather stop me from doing what I had planned, I do revise my plans, but I still go. So I pick up an electric VW Golf and head off to explore. I have never driven this way before so its all new to me. I am using Google Maps on my phone, but I have a habit of ignoring some of the instructions which means my trips can lead me away from the beaten path. And this one did! I am not sure I can find the way I went again but I will try :). I have to say it was fun and definitely better than driving a freeway.

I went through a number of little towns, including the outskirts of Skofja Loka but I didnt stop, I will go back again when the weather is better, for rain and cobblestones are not the best for my knees. What the trip seemed to be about was driving, seeing new areas and finding some of the best forest roads I have ever driven, lots of switch backs, long climbs and steep descents, the roads in some parts are covered in autumn leaves and I end up amongst the mist at the top of the ridge. It was freeing to be driving through such beautiful countryside, and amongst the trees I was enveloped in silence and mist.

Photos of the road trip below.

I arrive at my hotel in Bled – Hotel Triglav, warm greeting by the staff. My room has a balcony and amazing views across the lake to the island in the lake. I loved it ( as you can see from the next round of photos). The hotel has been going since 1906, and has been tastefully renovated. I enjoyed a great massage late afternoon, then got ready for dinner in Restaurant 1906, this restaurant has a fixed price menu and the food was delicious and service very good. I will write about that separately. As I was leaving the next morning i noticed that there is an electric car charging station opposite the hotel which is good to know for the next time I go back, and I will go back.

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