My Books

I have always loved books, even as a small child my favourite gift was a book, my parents eventually learnt that I didn’t want dolls I wanted books. I am the girl who spent her school holidays going to the library to borrow more books, and I spent all of my spare time in high school in the library. Books for me have always been an adventure, a way to explore places and lands far away from my country town in rural Australia.

I fell in love with flying by reading Biggles, my love of investigative shows by reading books like Famous Five, Nancy Drew. The animal world, by reading about Elephants and Lions, and Giraffes in the various encyclopedias. History by reading about Romans, and Vikings and Celts.

I have moved home 22 times so far in this life and I have always taken my books with me. I don’t have all my childhood books, but I do have some of them. Since moving to Slovenia, I finally have all my books back with me. Initially I just unpacked and shoved them into the shelves in no order, and didn’t update my catalog, however the past few weeks I have reorganised all the shelves and updated the catalog. I can tell you that my little library now has 1360 books. Most of the shelves have two rows of books. There is over 400 cookbooks in the collection. Plus books on travel, SciFi, Romance, Childrens, Craft.

One day I will own my own place and fulfill a life long dream to have my own library/reading room with a fireplace and the perfect chairs for reading in.

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