On the Road – Dublin, Belgrade, London over 4 weeks.

July was a stay at home month, however that all changed in August. 12th August saw me heading to the cooler (aka rainy and cold) weather of Dublin for the week, for work and then catch up with some friends in the evening. Back home to Ljubljana on the following Saturday to rest and repack to go to Belgrade Tuesday, for a few days training and a presentation to a potential customer. Again travel back home on Saturday to change the clothes, get organised for a second trip back to Belgrade mid following week, initially for 1 day, so as I am a fan of packing light I had a couple changes of clothes focused on our casual work dress code, all in a small backpack. When I arrive I find out that there will be meetings with C level managers of 2 companies.

I hadn’t packed for that. So I power shopped a new business outfit in an hour. I have a new off-white blouse, black skirt, shoes, scarf and earrings. Its not what I really wanted to do, but presentation is everything. A lesson learnt for me, pack for the unexpected exec meeting in the future. Next day I felt and looked professional. The presentation went well and we are now working on the finer points of engagement.

Then back home for a few days before heading to London. I really enjoyed London this time, not sure if it was because we stayed a couple of doors away from a “Gin Palace” or if it was because the weather was pretty good. Work was hectic, but still had time to do a little sightseeing and to get my new writing tool. I bought a Microsoft Go with keyboard at the new Microsoft store in London. Service was exemplary. The sightseeing was just walking around the district we stayed – Fleet St. Seeing the beautiful old Law buildings and the Temple Church. I had to see the church as a Knights Templar fan, it was a Church that they built.

Below some photos from the trip.

At home I am now reorganizing my books, next post will be about that I think.

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