Going Natural – aka changing my hair colour

For awhile now I have tossed around continuing to colour my hair in an array of colours or to “go grey”. This is always an interesting dilemma for those of us that have used colour to express our personality.

So looking at my hair as my colour has started to grow out, I see that around my face, its not grey its white. My grandfather went white when he was in his late 20’s and I am my grandfathers granddaughter.

This week I was back in Belgrade, so I reached out to my old hairdresser and asked if he would colour my hair in such a way that as the colour grows out it looks natural, I also wanted a great haircut. He said yes and he listened to what I wanted and enthusiastically took on the challenge. He explained that my hair was pretty normal, darker at the back and lighter at the front.

I now have a great new haircut and colour and I am looking forward to the journey to go natural, yes I am not saying that I am going grey as I suspect my hair will be more white and salt and pepper than grey. At the end if I don’t like it I can always add colour. I will share the journey over the next year, I think it will take a year to complete the transition.

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