Seafood and lots of it.

When I travel I try to eat location specific food, by that I mean local cuisine with local ingredients. I recently went to the seaside town of Koper in Slovenia. I indulged in …seafood, however did you guess. Now Koper has some interesting history, as it used to be part of Italy so there is a strong Italian influence on the food…also Italy is only a few miles up the coast.

For lunch I had an amazing Grilled Prawn salad with nectarines and espuma from buffalo mozzarella on top. It was both a visual feast for the eyes as well as to eat, the flavors were on point. The most incredible flavor for me was the roasted cherry tomato its flavor was intense and its been awhile since I have tasted tomato like that. I also indulged in my other passion .. desserts and had an incredible mango passion-fruit and coconut delight. The flavors were sublime.

Dinner saw me wandering around enjoying the early evening atmosphere of the town and wondering what to eat, Pizza no, Thai no, fish and chips from a takeaway stand no, as I wanted to sit down and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine. What did I do, well I ended back at the place I had lunch.

This time I had a starter that was Prawns and mushrooms with arugula. Followed by an amazing mixed seafood dish of local sea bass, prawns, clams, octopus, mussels in a rich sauce atop a baked polenta. I enjoyed this with a glass of a regional Pinot Grigio.

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