A little about me

What books did you read as a child? Me..they were adventure or mystery stories. I fell in love with flying and traveling through the characters in the books I read, and I read a lot.

So a little about me I grew up in a country town in New South Wales Australia. As soon as I could drive I would take myself off on a drive to somewhere new. I have seen much of Australia by either driving or flying. My first overseas trip was to the USA in 1995 and I fell in love…I was hooked on exploring the USA and visiting different states, I have been to 20+ states and enjoy the experience of visiting a country that is similar but different to Australia in so many ways.

In 2012 my dream to live and work overseas materialized and I packed up and moved to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. This is truly the start of my world travels.

This blog is my way of sharing the experiences I have had, the food, the photos, and any hints or tips I have learnt along the way. My hope is that what I share will inspire you to follow your dreams.

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